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Connecting to Shopify
Connecting to Shopify
Written by Rick Tate
Updated over a week ago

Connecting your store

  1. Click on your Profile icon in the top right navigation

  2. Select the dropdown option labeled Apps

  3. On the Apps page, click Connect your store.

  4. Then click Install App.

  5. You will be redirected to our Shopify App Listing.

  6. Add the app to your Shopify Store.

  7. After installing the app, import your products to place production orders with your manufacturers and request quotes from our network.

Importing products from Shopify into MakeMine

  1. Select Apps from your Profile icon dropdown menu.

  2. Click the yellow Import Products button. Note: If the yellow button still says "Connect your store" then follow the steps in the "Connecting your store" section above.

  3. Select the products to import and click Import to MakeMine.

  4. After importing your products, you can:

    1. Place production orders, order samples, or request quotes from your existing manufacturers.

    2. Request quotes from our factory marketplace.

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